The Rational Optimist

With Relish created the branding and marketing materials to promote the award winning author Matt Ridley, known as The Rational Optimist.

The lightbulb features in his writing as a guage of increasing prosperity and this is used a motif that illustrates his statements.

With Relish also worked with his publishers, Fourth Estate, to design information graphics for the book and the collateral for its launch. We subsequently created promotional materials and supporting graphics including slides for his TED talk, and the branding was the basis for a website promoting all of Ridley’s work.

“With Relish have done a fantastic job in helping me to launch my new book and the website that goes with it. Sarah’s insights into fonts, colours, graphics and all matters of visual presentation were matched by her understanding of complex arguments and her zeal and appetite for hard work. I am immensely grateful to With Relish for what they did for me.”

Matt Ridley
The Rational Optimist

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