Philharmonia Orchestra
Season materials

With Relish has worked with the Philharmonia Orchestra for the past 5 years. We create the visual identity for each season and many of the orchestral series. These are rolled out across marketing materials, including brochures and advertising.

The materials enable the orchestra to promote both its live season and its award-winning digital programme to an increasing number of people inside and outside the concert hall.

The strategy behind the current season identity is to evoke the passion and dynamism of a Philharmonia performance. Accolades from the industry’s press and patrons are set boldly alongside stylised photographs to create a powerful visual introduction to each season.

“We’re really pleased with the identity With Relish has created for our new season brochure: it’s high contrast, dramatic, exciting, even described by some staff as ‘sexy’, and it conveys everything we want to communicate about the Philharmonia’s music-making.”

Vanessa Williams
Senior Marketing Manager
Philharmonia Orchestra

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