Olympic logo a day
Reconstructing an icon

For a year With Relish creative director Sarah Hyndman remade the Olympic rings logo out of everyday objects, as a personal project celebrating the countdown to the start of the Olympics in London. What started as a small, lighthearted idea that paid quiet homage to the power of a well designed logo at the outset, became an exploration of its recognisability in every day life through photographic repetition – often in an abstract way.

Sarah was interviewed by the New York Times, the BBC World Service and invited to talk about the project at the Groucho Club. The project trended on Twitter when the official posters were released and the blog received nearly 35,000 views across 120 countries in its last month.

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The Olympic Logo a Day blog has been written about in The New York Times, The Telegraph, Blueprint magazine, Design Week, The Drum, Follow the Colours Brazil, Logo Design Love, Londonist, Creative Boom, Eye magazine, Dezeen, Handpicked London, Everything London, GQ, Jessica Ennis’ official website, Treehugger and the ‘alternative Olympic posters’ became the ‘top news story’ on Twitter in the week they were released.

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