Bastiat Prize
Identity & promotional materials

Working with think tank International Policy Network for a number of years has given us the opportunity to develop a wide range of projects with them.

With Relish have created branding and visual identities for IPN campaigns and their partner networks, these have enabled the organisations to reach a wider audience. We have created branding for conferences and events which have been accompanied by a suite of marketing materials and inventive mailers.

The Bastiat Prize is an award for outstanding journalism established in 2002. With Relish have created the materials and invitations that have accompanied this event. The themes reference light and ideas - referencing the candlemakers' essay by Bastiat, the illuminating writings of the journailst, and that in recent years the prize ceremony has taken place in New York.

“For nearly a decade we have relished the creative genius of With Relish. Sarah and her team are consistently imaginative and responsive, producing brilliant designs, from logos to postcards to invitations to brochures to book covers. Everything they do is perfect.”

Julian Morris
International Policy Network

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